Interview with Once Upon a Dollhouse: Sparkle from the Inside Out

The Once Upon a Dollhouse blog is good for the soul.

The Dolls, Danielle and Caitlin, are full of light and love -- They are all about celebrating health and happiness with appreciation for the grace and beauty of the world. It has been said that The Dolls leave a little sparkle wherever they go, and we at Blowtique can attest to that!

What follows is a wholesome and heartfelt interview with Danielle and Caitlin, where they share their blog, background, and beauty routine!

Why did you start your Blog?

This has to be one of our favorite questions! Of course we have a story behind it. Shall we start with Once upon a time... ?

We met by a combination of serendipity and magic and became the fastest of friends. Soon enough, we became roommates and moved into the glam pad that will forever be remembered as our life-size Dollhouse. The Dollhouse became the meeting place for all of our best friends where we shared laughs, meals, girl talk, and plenty of champagne. Before we knew it, people started to ask us what events we were going to, our favorite music to listen to, our workout routines, our favorite boutiques, and more. Then, we decided to write it all down and to share our sparkle with the world!

Once Upon a Dollhouse was officially launched in January, 2016 to chronicle our best friend adventures and celebrate the beauty of life. In this world, our ultimate goal is to share positivity and inspire our fans and followers to become their healthiest, happiest self.

What is your favorite thing about your job as a blogger?

Do we have to pick just one?! Without a doubt, it has to be working alongside each other. We are best friends and we get to spend every day together! We often refer to one another as the yin and yang. We are the perfect complement to each other.

Take us through your daily beauty routine.

We hit the gym in the morning and workout together - yes, this is part of our beauty routine. It's important for us that we sweat each day... Working out gives us the endorphins that help us shine from the inside out.

Next up - a long hot shower to freshen up and open our pores. We will then do one of our favorite face masks while we dry our hair. We're all about multitasking in this fast-paced life!

We love to get Dolled up while letting our natural beauty shine through. We are obsessed with mineral foundation right now and a highlighter for a lovely winter glow. Brows are of course a must - our go to is the whole Benefit collection!

Do you have a go-to hairstyle?

We have a few actually. Our signature DOLL look is pretty curls with a hot iron curled all the way to the tips of our tresses. Another favorite is the Goddess Crown - an inside out braid that frames the crown of our face.... because we never leave home without our crown! We also love a beautiful clean blow-out with a round brush.

How do you take care of yourself when you’re completely zonked? What’s most important to you (i.e. skin, hair, body, etc.)?

Most important to us is our mental state! When we're completely zonked, we work on taking the time to take care of our spiritual being. A yoga class or meditation helps rejuvenate ourselves.

Do you vary your look season to season? How does your routine change in the summer vs. winter?

We definitely do. In the summer we love a lighter makeup look - and one with high SPF! The winter calls for a slightly heavier foundation to protect our skin from the elements. Ohhhh Chicago!

What are a few of the season’s best hair trends?

Winter hats! Just kidding. We love the soft and sexy this season. Whether it’s a classic up-do or loose curls, this hair trend is so on point.

Biggest beauty splurges?

It's definitely our hair care! We love keeping our locks strong and beautiful. That means using premium shampoos, conditioners and hair masks.

Whose hair do you envy?

Envy is a tough word for us because we like to celebrate everyone's beauty. Some of the most beautiful Hollywood hair (in our opinion) belongs to Blake Lively, Emma Stone, Zendaya, Sofia Vergara... the list goes on!

What’s a style you’d love to try at Blowtique?

Caitlin: Old Hollywood Curls. Super glam!

Danielle: Hair Swept in a Classic Updo.