Interview with Blowtique's Stylist of the Month: Kim Leak

We are Kim Leak's #1 fan. 

Kim is first and foremost a fantastic stylist. From blow-outs, to braids, to cuts, Kim slays every single look. As if talent wasn't enough, she's also deeply kind, well liked, and down to earth. 

Keep scrolling to watch Kim create gorgeous braided buns, to read our exclusive interview with her, and to see just a few of her incredible Yelp reviews. 

Why do you love your job?

I love my job because it gives me a chance to enhance someone else’s beauty. It feels good to make others feel good about themselves, especially on a day when they aren’t quite feeling like themselves.

What is one way you like to make your client feel comfortable?

I talk to my clients as if we’ve known each other for years, as if we're already friends! I want to make my client's experience personal.

What’s your favorite Blowtique service? Why?

I love doing haircuts because no haircut is exactly the same. The slightest cut can look completely different on one person as opposed to another.

I believe haircuts are always a sign of a new beginning. Breakup? Haircut. New job? Haircut.

What is your favorite Blowtique product? Why?

Definitely the Royal Blowout! It’s difficult to find products that work well with ethnic hair, in that most products will make the hair greasy. The royal blowout is the perfect combination of function and style.

What is your favorite Blowtique memory?

My favorite memory is definitely when we hosted the Cub’s wives! All of the ladies were extremely kind and down to earth. Everyone was in a great mood and it was such a fantastic day.

What would constitute as a perfect day for you?

I would absolutely love to go to Dubai and just lie by the pool. Oh! Or Bora Bora! It’s so beautiful there.

I’d take my sister because I am closer with her than anyone else.

For what in your life do you feel most grateful?

I am so grateful for the ability to get a fresh start each and every day.

I consider each day a do-over. It’s a chance to do it all over again, to do it all better.

What’s your TV binge of the moment?

Shameless because it’s perfect for a good laugh. I appreciate being able to turn my brain off and distract myself for a little while at the end of a long day.

What album do you currently have on repeat?

I’m all over the place with music, so I’ll just say Beyonce. All of her.

What is your favorite Chicago hotspot?

Buffalo Wild Wings! I could eat there every day.

Whose hair do you envy?

Gabrielle Union.

What’s your go to hair style?

I have short hair so I don’t do much to my hair every day, but if I could go to any style, I would get a double french braid, like the Kim K braids. It’s a great look because once you take out the braids, you’re left with that great beachy look. It’s two looks in one.



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