Interview with Blowtique's Stylist of the Month: Patricia

Patricia's fabulous hairstyling talent and joyful spirit is something the Blowtique team is very proud of. She is not only one of our top stylists, but she is a personal favorite among our clients because she is so kind, quick, and personable.

What follows is an interview with Patricia, where we get to highlight her as both a respected stylist and a lovely person. 

Did you see the video of her gorgeous crown braid? Watch it here:

Patricia, Why do you love your job?

I love my job because it makes me happy. I enjoy every single client and every single day at Blowtique!

What is one way you like to make your client feel comfortable?

I find that my clients always feel comfortable after I share some stories. I always make sure to offer magazines, coffee, and water. If they want to talk to me about how their day is going, I'm more than happy to listen!

What’s your favorite Blowtique service? Why?

I really love all the services, but especially the big bouncy blow-outs and braids. As long as there is hair involved, I love doing it!

What is your favorite Blowtique product? Why?

My favorite product at Blowtique is Oribe's Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray. I use it on finished hair to block frizz, set style, and add texture. Anti-Humidity can be used for styling or for texture and hold. It’s my helper - it's such a confident spray, I use it with almost every client.

What is your favorite Blowtique memory?

When we surprised Danielle with a baby shower! All the stylists from both salon's were all together to decorate and celebrate. It was so much fun.

What would constitute as a perfect day for you?

Each day is perfect, because each day has something special. Each day we learn something. Whether you have troubles, or you don't, every day is perfect because it starts and ends with something new.

For what in your life do you feel most grateful?

For my family and my children!

What is your favorite Chicago hotspot?

I love to go around Michigan avenue and Millennium park. Downtown Chicago is so beautiful!

Whose hair do you envy?

Every Victoria Secret model - they all have that gorgeous big bouncy wave.

What’s your go to hair style?

I almost always wear my hear down, but some days I style it with curls or a wave. 

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