The Essential Guide To Washing & Protecting Your Hair

When it comes to washing and protecting your hair, it's the simple steps that make a huge difference.


How do you wash your hair? We all have an order of operations we adopted in our youth, and because of that system, keeping ourselves clean is something that seems to come natural to us.

Well, the times have changed and whatever your habit is, kiss it goodbye! There is a right and wrong way to keeping your hair clean. And the best part? It’s cost effective!

Our Creative Director, Danielle, wants you to get the most out of your products: “I feel that some clients use a lot more than product than what’s needed, and their hair still isn’t clean.”

What follows is how you properly shampoo, condition, and heat protect your hair:

What You’ll Need:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Heat Protectant
  • A Cozy Shower or Bath
  • A Gentle Touch

Here is the before photo of our beautiful model, Julie. 


Here we go! Directions:


Step One: Soak your hair with water at the temperature of your choice.

Step Two: Grab your shampoo and make two short lines across the palms of your hand.

We’re using Oribe’s Silverati on our model Julie in order to take some of the brassiness out of her hair. Since her hair is quite warm, Silverati will help to lighten her hair for a cooler blonde color. To find out the best shampoo for you, leave a comment, ask on on social media, or book an appointment!

Step Three: Use a circular motion to spread the shampoo all over the palms of your hands. This step is very important, because you don’t want to plop all your product onto one section of your hair. If you don’t distribute the product properly, only some of your hair will receive the intended effect.

Step Four: Massage the shampoo into your hair and scalp.

“What I always recommend, after the product is evenly distributed, is to use your fingertips for a very gentle shiatsu massage. Be sure to not to scratch yourself, for that will produce more oil! When you properly massage, you’re getting deep into the hair for a cleaner scalp.”

IMPORTANT: You should be shampooing your hair twice, every single time you wash your hair, because the first shampoo is meant as an initial wash to remove the dirt and oil, while the second wash will have a heavy lather for a deeper clean. Never worry if there is no lather on your first shampoo, because that means it’s actually getting in and really doing what it’s supposed to do. 

Step Five: Rinse your hair!

Step Six: Shampoo again: repeat steps two through four.

Step Seven: Revel in your lather! If you want to, add a little more water to really bring out the bubbles.

“Some people go crazy and think they have to use half a bottle of shampoo every time. Really, you need very little product and a soft massage. Even if you just pull the shampoo through the ends of your hair, that will clean them. There’s no need to go at it like a mosh pit!”



Step One: Wring out your hair to remove all the excess water.

If you try to apply conditioner while you’re hair is sopping wet, you’ll end up wasting most of the product because the water in your hair will dilute the product.

Step Two: Place a dime size amount of conditioner in your hand. Danielle used Oribe's Gold Lust Transformative Masque because it's perfect for restoring hair to it's prime, especially dyed or bleached hair. 

Step Three: Use your palm and forefingers in a circular motion to spread the product all over your hands. This step is very important, because you don’t want to plop all your product onto one section of your hair. If you don’t distribute the product properly, only some of your hair will receive the intended effect.

Step Four: Apply conditioner to the middle-ends and ends of your hair, but not your roots. If you want volume or you want your clean hair to last, be sure not to touch the roots at all. Your scalp naturally produces oil; therefore, it is counterproductive to condition your roots.

“Properly cleaning your hair is easy, but you’ve probably never been properly taught how to do it. It’s the simple little things that make a huge difference -- like going back to the basics. If you don’t have a foundation on your house, your house isn’t going to stand up. If you don’t have a good shampoo, your blow-dry isn’t going to last.”

Step Five: Leave the conditioner to sit for at least two minutes. There’s no point in putting the conditioner in and then immediately rinsing it out, for it won’t benefit the hair.

Danielle always says, “You should shampoo your hair first, then leave your conditioner in while you do your few little bits, whatever you have to do, and then rinse your conditioner at the end.”


Heat Protector:

Every time you pick up that hot tool, always, always, always, make sure you have a light oil heat protector like Kerastase's Ciment Thermique! Heat protectant adds moisture to your hair while forming a protective barrier that reduces moisture loss when heat is applied.

"This particular product will stay in your hair for a couple of shampoos. So, if the day after a wash, you want to use a flat iron, or a curling iron, it will still help to protect the hair off the heat.”

Step One: Towel dry your hair enough that you can no longer wring out any water. This step is very important, for if you do not dry out the hair enough, the product will not be as effective as possible.

“What most clients normally do is plaster loads of product straight into freshly washed, wet hair. But actually, if you take 50% of the heavy wet out of the hair and then apply the product, the product will do its job that much better. This is particularly important to remember for styling products.”

Step Two: Place a dime size amount of product in your palm. Again, use a circular motion to rub the product all over your finger tips.

Step Three: Use your fingers like a rake and lift your hands through your hair from top to bottom. It’s important to evenly distribute the product in order for the protectant to be the most effective.

Final Step: Celebrate your gorgeousness! Do a happy dance and meet your besties for a drink. 💃🏽🍷❤️


If you have any questions or concerns about your hair's specific personality, submit a question, give us a call, or book an appointment!