Interview with Blowtique's Stylist of the Month: Corina Pop

Corina Pop is a talented stylist that the Blowtique Team is incredibly proud of! She is not only one of our top stylists, but she is a personal favorite among our clients. Read on to find out her favorite styles, products, and celebrity looks! 


Why do you love your job?

Oh my god, that’s a good question! I love to create things and I love being active. It’s a very physical job to feel someone’s hair in my hands. I like that I’m always moving and touching and creating.

What is one way you like to make your client feel comfortable?

I like to laugh with them. I like to make the client feel like they’re my friend and they’re at home. I try to let them feel free to be themselves.

What’s your favorite Blowtique service? Why?

I don’t have a favorite! I like everything we do and everything we sell. Treatments, blowouts, cuts, everything!

What is your favorite Blowtique product? Why?

I really can’t pick one… I’d say my favorite products are ones that make hair very healthy while also protecting that fresh health.

Kérastase's Crème De La Crème does it all! It’s for anti-frizz, anti-humidity, it gives shine, heat protection, and it has a medium hold. You don’t need anything else, except...

Kèrastase's Ciment Thermique is perfect for very dry and damaged hair, and for heat protection. Oh, and I the smell is incredible. I love it.

What is your favorite Blowtique memory?

Definitely when all the stylists and I went out to Howl at the Moon last summer. It was the entire Blowtique staff from both locations together everyone was in a great mood.

What’s your TV binge of the moment?

Game of Thrones! Because I love Jon Snow.

What music do you currently have on repeat?

Rihanna and Beyoncé. Always.

What would constitute as a perfect day for you?

I want to be a bride again. If money was no object, I would maybe do a destination wedding in the Bahamas with all my friends and family. I would do something completely different for my dress. I’d go all out!

For what in your life do you feel most grateful?

I’m grateful to be healthy and happy.

What is your favorite Chicago hotspot?

I love 3Arts Cafe. It’s like luxury. It’s stunning.

Whose hair do you envy?

Kate Beckinsale! I like her personality and she’s really beautiful. I love the color of her hair and how thick her hair is.

What’s your go to hair style?

I always wear my hair down. I use a round brush and usually do a little bit of a messy beach wave.

I don’t have patience with my hair, so I either do it perfectly or I don’t do much at all with it. When I want to do it, I’ll use lots of Kerastasè Laque Couture Hairspray and Oribe Texturizing Spray to create that chic messy bed head.