#BackToSchool Chic with GITMom

The Blowtique Team was ecstatic to welcome back one of our favorite clients, Eirene Heidelberger, for there is a shining charisma to her that refuses to be overlooked. Eirene is the founder, president, and CEO of GITMom, a company that empowers mothers to “Get It Together!” This service is momentous not only because Eirene positively affects the lives of so many families, but because Eirene knows that the most important thing for a mother to do is to put herself first.

In the spirit of Back to School week, we invited Eirene into Blowtique on Huron for an easy morning of blowouts and beauty talk. 

Question: Take us through your daily beauty routine.

Eirene: My daily routine is focused on taking really good care of my skin with products my dermatologist recommends and I often joke that I live at her office. I rarely wear any make-up on a daily basis and believe in the bare face movement. I am 45 years old and have three young boys, I run a business and live in the city of Chicago, my life is filled with constant stressors, but I feel strongly about not skimping on the health of my skin and though it’s costly, it’s worth it because I feel confident when I am fresh faced. I save a lot of time by not applying makeup every day. Don’t get me wrong – I love getting dressed up and looking girly, but it takes A LOT of time to pull together a complete look so I choose my moments wisely when I’m going to commit to going through all of that work to make sure it’s justified.

Question: Do you have a go-to hairstyle? 

Eirene: I do! I love when my hair has volume, but not Texas height, and the ends are flippy and the style has movement without any hairspray. I love when my hair is soft and flirty. Plus, this look lends itself to an easy pony for a day, or even two, after a really great blow out.

Question: How do you take care of yourself when you’re completely mommed out? What’s most important to you (i.e. skin, hair, body, etc.)? 

Eirene: I take care of my mental health and take a siesta. Putting myself in a time out in bed with any of The Real Housewives on TV and checking out for an hour by taking a quick cat nap does everything to change my bad mood and perspective into a more calm and carefree one. I put my phone and the to-do list aside and it’s just me and my remote until I’m recharged.

Question: Do you vary your look season to season? How does your routine change in the summer vs. winter? 

Eirene: I just had my bangs cut from a side sweep to straight and blunt for a new look and I am loving it.

Question: What are a few of the season’s best hair trends? 

Eirene: Right now I am loving big hair at the roots with lots of textured curls which any type of hair length can pull off and add interest to a person’s face and their personal style. Or, a classic deep side part with a slick pony gives any busy woman a chic pulled together look in minutes.

Question: Biggest beauty splurges? 

Eirene: The skin treatments I get from my dermatologist to smooth my wrinkles and tighten my skin. Since I started regular medical facials and botox my skin is tighter and brighter and I look and feel refreshed. 

Question: Whose hair do you envy? 

Eirene: Blake Lively can do no wrong in my book because she always stays true to her all-American look of long hair with bouncy curls, yet styles them to fit her outfit and uses her hair as an extension of the clothes.

Question: What’s a style you’d love to try at Blowtique?

Eirene: I would love to try a topknot. I am not good at “hair tricks” and would love to learn how to re-create this fun look by myself.