What The Heck Is Color Melting? Because I Want It.

Color Melting, the chic new way to color hair, is a technique that will make any dye job look natural.

“Goodbye ombre, hello color melting!,” says Blowtique’s Master Colorist Nikki Coen. “This Fall will be all about the new technique of Color Melting which blends your highlights with the base color of your hair, ‘melting’ multiple colors together.”

It’s like ombre, but… Actually I take that back. It’s not really like ombre except for the fact that your hair is darker at the roots and lighter at the ends. You’ve probably heard of Balayage, whether you heard it pronounced properly or not, and it’s more like that. Actually, Color Melting incorporates Balayge pieces (small strands completely base color hair) for a more natural look.

Okay, let’s blend it all together now: Color Melting is when a Master Colorist takes a dye equal to your root color and blends that together with the highlight color of your choice. The difference between this and ombre is that ombre leaves a two-tone effect with a noticeable line of demarcation. The goal of Color Melting is to be as subtle and natural as possible. Blowtique’s Master Colorists achieve this by hand painting up to five different colors into the hair and blending the sections together. The best part? There’s no foil involved! It’s all hand done.

Our Color Director, Stephen, has been coloring hair for ten years, and doing color melting for six: “We call it marbling back in Europe. It's a version of ombré and it's a low maintenance way to change up our hair and have a bit of fun. I think its popularity comes from our love of youth. Melting is a representation of that sun kissed version of hair after a long summer outside. I love doing it because it feels more creative and is quite personal for each client. There's only so much you can do with highlights and melting is different each and every time since there's such a wide range of possibilities.”

Master Stylists create an assortment of hues by painting the base color into the end color and vice versa. The colors blend into different tones in different places creating a blurred, natural transition from dark to light, therefore achieving the happiest of melted mediums. With Color Melted hair, neither you, your friends, nor your mother will be able to distinguish where certain colors start and end.

“It's something that I was doing for sometime in Ireland before I moved to Chicago,” says Coen, “and I'm so glad it's this Fall’s hottest trend. I love to do it - It makes my job so much fun! The key colors for the season will be warm burgundy and rose golds, contrasted with colder undertones of silver and violet.”

Color Melting is a highly skilled technique that not all stylists are able to perfect. During the first phase of the color melting process, we apply a base color to the hair. We then balayage pieces together in order to “melt” the color in. The third phase involves lightening the ends. Finally we add a tone all over the hair in order to inject the client’s chosen color. Typically our Master Stylists need two and half hours in order to place the colors and visually check each stage. Blowtique is a full service salon with Master Colorists available to accommodate all your melting needs, including choosing the best colors for your own personal style and skin tone.

Be sure to make an appointment with either of our European Master Colorists, Stephen Donovan or Nikki Coen, to experience an exceptional Color Melting session.