Fashion Trends: Fall 2014

Right before our very eyes, the summer days are becoming shorter and is fall nearly knocking on our doors!

Luckily enough, fall is a killer time for fashion!

Below, find the latest fall fashion trends and where you can purchase an affordable equivalent!

Midi Length Skirts:


This midi length skirt paired with a button-up blouse or a light, cropped cardigan is perfect for weather that’s not too cold, but not too hot!

Find this skirt online at H&M:

The Perfect Chunky Knit:


It is so fortunate that something so big and comfy is so cute and stylish!

Bring on the big chunky knits!!

Find this cable, knit sweater online at Gap:

Faux Fur is Back:

Faux fur makes a serious, sassy statement and won’t break the bank either! Add a little faux fur to your outfit for an edgy statement that declares just the right amount of “I’m so good, I’m bad.”

Find this faux fur vest at online at Zara:

Sporty, Casual: Athleisure:

Luckily, there’s a look that allows us females to dress down if we choose: the sporty look!

This look allows you to declare just how fashionable you are with a touch of simplicity and playfulness.

Complete this look with the perfect track pant, available at Gap:

The Tailored Suit:

A tailored suit paired with a flat pair of tennis shoes says, “I mean business, and I also mean to be comfortable about it!”

This look declares confidence while also staying true to the classic idea of a nicely fitted suit.

This suit is available online at Zara:



Stay Beautiful,

Blowtique x