Interview with Blowtique's Stylist of the Month: Kim Leak

We are Kim Leak's #1 fan. 

Kim is first and foremost a fantastic stylist. From blow-outs, to braids, to cuts, Kim slays every single look. As if talent wasn't enough, she's also deeply kind, well liked, and down to earth. 

Keep scrolling to watch Kim create gorgeous braided buns, to read our exclusive interview with her, and to see just a few of her incredible Yelp reviews. 

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Interview with Blowtique's Stylist of the Month: Patricia

Patricia's fabulous hairstyling talent and joyful spirit is something the Blowtique team is very proud of. She is not only one of our top stylists, but she is a personal favorite among our clients because she is so kind, quick, and personable.

What follows is an interview with Patricia, where we get to highlight her as both a respected stylist and a lovely person. 

Did you see the video of her gorgeous crown braid? Watch it here

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The Essential Guide To Washing & Protecting Your Hair

When it comes to washing and protecting your hair, it's the simple steps that make a huge difference. There is a right and wrong way to keeping your hair clean. And the best part? It’s cost effective!

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Interview with Blowtique's Stylist of the Month: Corina Pop

Corina Pop is an talented stylist that the Blowtique Team is incredibly proud of! She is not only one of our top stylists, but she is a personal favorite among our clients.

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Interview with Once Upon a Dollhouse: Sparkle from the Inside Out

The Dolls, Danielle and Caitlin, are full of light and love. They are all about celebrating the grace and beauty of the world. There’s a rumor that The Dolls leave a little sparkle wherever they go, and we at Blowtique can attest to that! What follows is a wholesome and heartfelt interview with Danielle and Caitlin, where they share their blog, background, and beauty routine!

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What The Heck Is Color Melting? Because I Want It.

Color Melting, the chic new way to color hair, is a technique that will make any dye job look natural.

“Goodbye ombre, hello color melting!,” says Blowtique’s Master Colorist Nikki Coen. “This Fall will be all about the new technique of Color Melting which blends your highlights with the base color of your hair, ‘melting’ multiple colors together.”

It’s like ombre, but… Actually I take that back. It’s not really like ombre except for the fact that your hair is darker at the roots and lighter at the ends. You’ve probably heard of Balayage, whether you heard it pronounced properly or not, and it’s more like that. Actually, Color Melting incorporates Balayge pieces (small strands completely base color hair) for a more natural look.

Okay, let’s blend it all together now: Color Melting is when a Master Colorist takes a dye equal to your root color and blends that together with the highlight color of your choice. The difference between this and ombre is that ombre leaves a two-tone effect with a noticeable line of demarcation. The goal of Color Melting is to be as subtle and natural as possible. Blowtique’s Master Colorists achieve this by hand painting up to five different colors into the hair and blending the sections together. The best part? There’s no foil involved! It’s all hand done.

Our Color Director, Stephen, has been coloring hair for ten years, and doing color melting for six: “We call it marbling back in Europe. It's a version of ombré and it's a low maintenance way to change up our hair and have a bit of fun. I think its popularity comes from our love of youth. Melting is a representation of that sun kissed version of hair after a long summer outside. I love doing it because it feels more creative and is quite personal for each client. There's only so much you can do with highlights and melting is different each and every time since there's such a wide range of possibilities.”

Master Stylists create an assortment of hues by painting the base color into the end color and vice versa. The colors blend into different tones in different places creating a blurred, natural transition from dark to light, therefore achieving the happiest of melted mediums. With Color Melted hair, neither you, your friends, nor your mother will be able to distinguish where certain colors start and end.

“It's something that I was doing for sometime in Ireland before I moved to Chicago,” says Coen, “and I'm so glad it's this Fall’s hottest trend. I love to do it - It makes my job so much fun! The key colors for the season will be warm burgundy and rose golds, contrasted with colder undertones of silver and violet.”

Color Melting is a highly skilled technique that not all stylists are able to perfect. During the first phase of the color melting process, we apply a base color to the hair. We then balayage pieces together in order to “melt” the color in. The third phase involves lightening the ends. Finally we add a tone all over the hair in order to inject the client’s chosen color. Typically our Master Stylists need two and half hours in order to place the colors and visually check each stage. Blowtique is a full service salon with Master Colorists available to accommodate all your melting needs, including choosing the best colors for your own personal style and skin tone.

Be sure to make an appointment with either of our European Master Colorists, Stephen Donovan or Nikki Coen, to experience an exceptional Color Melting session.



Celebrity Style DIY Hair Camp Announced for November!

Blake Lively, Cara Delevingne, Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian-West: The hottest celebrity hair styling tips and tricks will be revealed for holiday party season.

CHICAGO, IL – OCTOBER 28, 2016 – Just in time for holiday parties and family gatherings, Chicago women will look like they’ve just stepped onto the red carpet with hairstyles worn by models, Hollywood celebrities, and English royalty! This November, guests at Blowtique’s DIY Hair Camp will learn how to perfect the latest celebrity hairstyles from some of Chicago’s finest and most respected industry professionals.

Master Stylists and Master Colorists at Blowtique, Chicago’s original luxury blow-out salon, will bring their expertise to a limited number of guests at an exclusive DIY Hair Camp on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. The Hair Camp will teach women the secrets behind hairstyles seen on Blake LivelyCara DelevingneKim Kardashian-West and The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.

“Ladies come into our salon daily requesting a certain celebrity look,” says Danielle Reilly, Creative Director of Blowtique. “We decided to build a DIY Hair Camp series around the celebrities that garner the utmost hair envy. In our Hair Camp, women will learn how to perfect the latest hair trends at home – all in time for the Holiday party season.”

Each Monday in November, DIY Hair Camp attendees will be taught how to perfect a different celebrity’s most requested hairstyles.

November 7 – Blake Lively

Perfect Beach Waves and BoHo-inspired up-dos.

Photo Credit: British Vogue

November 14 – Cara Delevingne

“I woke up like this”  hair. A Master Makeup Artist will be featured, offering individual mini-tutorials on how to achieve Cara’s famous brows.

Photo Credit: Hot Birthdays

November 21 – Kate Middleton

signature Big Curly Blow-Out and Elegant Chignon, perfect for the Holiday party season.

Photo Credit:

November 28 – Kim Kardashian-West

eclectic and always on-trend hairstyles including Boxer Braids, Glam Bouffants, and attendant’s choice of Kim’s current looks. Our Master Makeup Artist will join us again for Kardashian-inspired tutorials.

Photo Credit: InStyle

Blowtique DIY Hair Camp:

Cost: $25 per person & BYOB

Discount: $20 for Full Access Rewards Members at The Shops at North Bridge!

Address: Blowtique, Level 3, The Shops at North Bridge (Nordstrom’s Building)

520 N Michigan Avenue, Chicago IL 60611.

To book visit


About Blowtique :

Launched in 2012 as Chicago’s original blow-out hair salon, Blowtique has become synonymous with luxury and style. With a team of Master Stylists trained to exacting European standards, this first-of-its-kind salon has evolved into a full-service experience for men and women which offering customized haircuts, coloring, and makeup while perfecting an exclusive “brush only” blow-out technique that’s imitated by some and perfected by only one. Blowtique has luxury salons on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile and in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood. For a full menu of services and to schedule your appointment, visit

Interview with Blowtique's Stylist of the Month: Nikki Coen

Nikki Coen, Blowtique’s Master Stylist, is a shining example of young talent. She is not only one of our top stylists and colorists, but she is a personal favorite among our clients due to her genuinely kind and deeply caring nature.

We love her so much that we’ve turned her into our main spokesperson. Hopefully you saw her under the WCIU You & Me spotlight during today’s segment on Blowtique’s new DIY Hair Camp. She was her naturally sweet and charismatic self!

Why do you love your job?

I love making people happy and making them feel good about themselves. It’s like that saying: “A woman’s hair is her crown.” There’s no better feeling than to make other women feel empowered. 

What is one way you like to make your client feel comfortable?

I like to start by trying to find out if they want to talk to me. If I feel like I can strike up a good conversation with them, I think that can make them feel comfortable and over time they will relax. I can help make them feel more at ease. I can let them know that everything is going to be good and fine. I know what I’m doing and I care that you get exactly what you want.

What’s your favorite Blowtique service? Why?

The Beach Wave because it looks really effortless. It’s really popular and hot right now. The look is very easy to do and everyone can rock it. Any kind of hair. Any kind of age. It looks good on everyone.

Unless someone wants it really neat, it can be messy and it lasts for days. You don’t have to brush your hair. It’s an effortless look that’s absolutely rockin’.

What is your favorite Blowtique product? Why?

I can’t pick just one!

  1. The Royal Blowout – you put it in your hair when it’s wet and it’s great for split ends. It’s also a good heat protector – It will keep your hair safe no matter the style.
  2. I love the Oribe Texturizing Spray – great for teasing hair and making the hair a bit rough. It’s perfect for Beach Waves because it gives a lot of volume. It also functions better than hairspray for up-styles because you can use at ends to tease it up.
  3. Creme De La Creme – Its great for a good bouncy blow dry. It has a medium hold but it’s not too heavy on the hair. It gives a nice texture – light and bouncy.

What is your favorite Blowtique memory?

We had an amazing summer night out – we went to Howl of the Moon. It was the entire Blowtiquestaff from both locations together and there was just loads of singing, dancing, and laughing. Everyone was in a great mood and there was no tension. Everyone was happy and in their comfort zone.

What’s your TV binge of the moment?

The Voice – USA! 

How do you feel about Miley Cyrus as the new judge? 

I think she’s great – I think she’s going to be good. Definitely different. There’s no harm having a bit of difference!

What album do you currently have on repeat?

ANTI by Rihanna. I can’t get enough of it. 

What would constitute as a perfect day for you?

I would surround myself with great people. Lately I’ve been really craving sushi, so we’d probably go to RA Sushi Bar before going out for fancy cocktails at a rooftop bar. I’d definitely want to go clubbing! Free drinks would be nice – and table service! Overall, I just want to surround myself with lots of luxuries!

For what in your life do you feel most grateful?

I am most grateful that I have my family with me – My brothers, sister, mum, and dad. I talk to them every single day. I moved to Chicago from Ireland about 10 months ago and I miss my family all the time, but I’m just happy that they’re well and good.

What are your favorite Chicago hotspots?

I love Wicker Park. There are some great bars around there and I love Big Star

I also love this rooftop bar called Estate. They always have great DJs and music. 

Whose hair do you envy? 

Blake Lively. She’s beautiful. Her hair looks so full with an even color. She always looks stunning. She could wear her hair without having it done and it would still look so cool.

What’s your go to hair style?

If I just couldn’t be bothered, I always put my hair up in a simple bun on top of my head. It’s usually messy and textured, but I make sure it’s deconstructed rather than actual bedhead. 

Take us through your daily beauty routine.

After I shower, I make sure to moisturize everywhere. For make up I typically wear foundation, concealer, and I contour a little bit. Some days, if I want to do it up, I’ll use some highlighter, mascara, and brown eyeliner to bring out the brown in my eyes.

New York Fashion Week: 2017 Spring Style Agenda

Here – we’ve made it easy for you. After a fabulous (and maybe disorienting) week of New York Fashion Week S/S 2017 blowing up our social media, the Blowtique team is here to break it down and give you the major trends on our personal style agenda.


Down low, low key, however you want to put it, the way to make a statement this year is not to. The way to master this undone look is to pull together an unfinished twisted pony or knot with most of, but not all of, your hair. This is even simpler than the half-up top knot. Think of it as a half-down twist – it can be as uncomplicated, or complicated as you like.

Josie Natori (PC: IMAXTREE)

Charles Youssef (PC: GETTY)

I know what you’re thinking – every time you try to pull together the undone look it turns out flat instead of elegant. Blowtique can help with this! Make an appointment with one of our master stylists and we’ll give you that casually elaborate appearance.



Yes, that is a Frank Ocean reference. It is now also a NYFW (S/S 2017) reference. We saw a lot of wet hair on the runway, and whether the goal was sexy sweaty or caught in the pouring rain, what stuck with us was the glittery shine of slicked back locks. Pair this with smudgy eye shadow or liner and you’ll be sure to make a statement.

Hood By Air (Photographed by Driely S)




All beach, everything.

Alexander Wang (PC: IMAXTREE)

Alexander Wang (PC: GETTY)

Alexander Wang (Photo: Yannis Vlamos /

Making an appointment with Blowtique is easier than dunking your head in salt water – trust me.



Make a statement by quietly revealing a secluded surprise or go full on party stopper with fanciful hair decor. Whichever one you choose, you’re sure to turn heads.

Jonathan Simkhai (PC: Getty)

Jonathan Simkhai‘s models were subtlety astonishing with woven braids hidden in very textured hair.

Rodarte had a very different take on hair dressing – by using excess strips of fabric from the dresses, master hairstylist Odile Gilbert created barrettes and reverse headbands to be worn on top of soft, silky hair.


You can look like you’ve just stepped onto a Fashion Week runway thanks to the Master Stylists and Master Colorists of Blowtique, a first-of-its-kind luxury blow-out salon along Chicago’s Magnificent Mile and in the Gold Coast neighborhood. With New York Fashion WeekLondon Fashion Week, and Milan Fashion Week in process, Master Stylists and Master Colorists from Europe bring their experience and skills to Blowtique to offer Chicago women this fall’s top hair trends.

Blowtique is the only blow out bar in Chicago that offers the full hair experience – cut, color, and styling. Our Blowtique team is dying to recreate these looks for you!

Disclaimer: We do not have any hair dressings for sale, but you are welcome to bring in your own and we will place and style as you wish.

#BackToSchool Chic with GITMom

The Blowtique Team was ecstatic to welcome back one of our favorite clients, Eirene Heidelberger, for there is a shining charisma to her that refuses to be overlooked. Eirene is the founder, president, and CEO of GITMom, a company that empowers mothers to “Get It Together!” This service is momentous not only because Eirene positively affects the lives of so many families, but because Eirene knows that the most important thing for a mother to do is to put herself first.

In the spirit of Back to School week, we invited Eirene into Blowtique on Huron for an easy morning of blowouts and beauty talk. 

Question: Take us through your daily beauty routine.

Eirene: My daily routine is focused on taking really good care of my skin with products my dermatologist recommends and I often joke that I live at her office. I rarely wear any make-up on a daily basis and believe in the bare face movement. I am 45 years old and have three young boys, I run a business and live in the city of Chicago, my life is filled with constant stressors, but I feel strongly about not skimping on the health of my skin and though it’s costly, it’s worth it because I feel confident when I am fresh faced. I save a lot of time by not applying makeup every day. Don’t get me wrong – I love getting dressed up and looking girly, but it takes A LOT of time to pull together a complete look so I choose my moments wisely when I’m going to commit to going through all of that work to make sure it’s justified.

Question: Do you have a go-to hairstyle? 

Eirene: I do! I love when my hair has volume, but not Texas height, and the ends are flippy and the style has movement without any hairspray. I love when my hair is soft and flirty. Plus, this look lends itself to an easy pony for a day, or even two, after a really great blow out.

Question: How do you take care of yourself when you’re completely mommed out? What’s most important to you (i.e. skin, hair, body, etc.)? 

Eirene: I take care of my mental health and take a siesta. Putting myself in a time out in bed with any of The Real Housewives on TV and checking out for an hour by taking a quick cat nap does everything to change my bad mood and perspective into a more calm and carefree one. I put my phone and the to-do list aside and it’s just me and my remote until I’m recharged.

Question: Do you vary your look season to season? How does your routine change in the summer vs. winter? 

Eirene: I just had my bangs cut from a side sweep to straight and blunt for a new look and I am loving it.

Question: What are a few of the season’s best hair trends? 

Eirene: Right now I am loving big hair at the roots with lots of textured curls which any type of hair length can pull off and add interest to a person’s face and their personal style. Or, a classic deep side part with a slick pony gives any busy woman a chic pulled together look in minutes.

Question: Biggest beauty splurges? 

Eirene: The skin treatments I get from my dermatologist to smooth my wrinkles and tighten my skin. Since I started regular medical facials and botox my skin is tighter and brighter and I look and feel refreshed. 

Question: Whose hair do you envy? 

Eirene: Blake Lively can do no wrong in my book because she always stays true to her all-American look of long hair with bouncy curls, yet styles them to fit her outfit and uses her hair as an extension of the clothes.

Question: What’s a style you’d love to try at Blowtique?

Eirene: I would love to try a topknot. I am not good at “hair tricks” and would love to learn how to re-create this fun look by myself.